Keeping our teeth healthy

October 10, 2017 7:50 pm

Dental problems, especially caries, are not inevitable and surely can be prevented. But how exactly? By taking in consideration some practical tips:

  1. Try to limit sugary snacks between the meals; if taking sugar containing food eat it with the main meal;
  2. Reduce consumption of acidic drinks between your meals; tea/coffee without sugar, water or plain milk are the best choices;
  3. Avoid acidic food or drink before brushing your teeth or after brushing your teeth at night;
  4. Choose sugar free medicine whenever possible;
  5. Good oral hygiene – use the fluoride toothpaste, correct brushing and flossing is vital;
  6. Ending your meals with some cheese or milk will help to buffer the acids;
  7. Wholegrain foods, cheese and peanuts, sugar free chewing gum increase salivary flow, which helps to protect against caries.  Stay healthy!