What do you have in your snack box?

April 11, 2018 11:22 am

One major cause of slow-but-sure weight gain is bad snacking habits. Just one unwise snack a day could put over a half a pound on your waistline every week. However, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are very important in order to stabilize your blood sugar. In order to do this, you need to eat every 2,5-3 hours. Healthy and well-balanced snacks between meals prevent overeating at actual meals.

Think of snacks as mini-meals that contribute nutrient-rich foods. You can fit snack calories into your personal healthy eating plan without over-spending your day’s calorie budget.

Snack only when you’re hungry. Skip the urge to nibble when you’re bored, frustrated or stressed. Feed the urge to do something by go for a brisk walk, give a call to your friend or do anything, which is suitable for you.

Keep portion control in mind. Have a single-serve container of fruits and vegetables or put a small serving of nuts in a bowl. Eating directly from a multiple-serving package can lead to overeating.

Plan snacks ahead of time. Keep a variety of nutritious ready-to-eat supplies on hand, such as whole-grain crackers, oat cakes or wholegrain rice cakes.

My snack box has portion of wholegrain crackers, bell pepper and carrot sticks, grapes and few cubes of Parmesan cheese. Yummy and healthy!