About Me

Galina VellaAs Hippocrates once said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ .  I strongly believe that in order to keep healthy and stay away from illness you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right.

As a certified and registered nutritionist, with a medical background in general medicine and radiology,  I choose a  total holistic approach towards healthy living. Are you ready to give up diets, make a realistic change in your lifestyle and nourish yourself through natural, delicious and healthy foods.

Service offered

  • Guidance in healthy eating
  • Dietary consultation
  • Weight-loss programme

How will my service help you?

During the sessions I will guide and help you to achieve your optimal weight and teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a long term basis. My advice allows clients to experience tangible health improvements and increased energy levels as a result of personalised nutritional consultation.

The sessions will include complete dietary analysis based on full body compositions and anthropometric measurements, a nutrition health assessment and food preference questionnaires. Detailed reports will indicate clearly are there excesses or deficiencies, is it a portion size control problem or regularity of meals? All of that will help me to create a personal and tailored eating plan according to each client’s individual dietary goals, food likes and dislikes as well as unique lifestyle.

By taking a holistic approach we will focus on body and mind rather than number and calorie counting.
Turn your life around today and results will be rewarding. Experience better health, better eating habits and better lifestyle.  Consult   for an optimum nutritional advice to transform your life.

Healthy life-happy life!