Stay healthy at work

October 31, 2017 11:06 am

We spend almost one third of our life at work. Obviously, one job varies from another, some people work long hours and missing their dinner, some people work on a shifts basis, other has no lunch break whatsoever. For every company it should be a number one priority to take care of their employees and provide support and encouragement for the healthy lifestyle. What can be done in order to help people to stay healthy at work?

  1. Provide facilities, like microwave and fridge to make sure that employees can store and heat up their food;
  2. Remove vending machines, since there have very little healthy options; instead invest in good cooking facilities will be a good idea.
  3. Organise a healthy activities or workplace gym;
  4. Reward scheme-instead of free mobile provide with free gym membership or cooking classes
  5. Organisation of education sessions for the employees where a professional will explain the most important principals of healthy eating.

Every company is different and their might be some barriers, however there always a way to break the issues and stay healthy at work!

On photo: educational session for the employees of Aspire Global